My Adventure has waited for 22 years in my heart and mind. Back in 1990 I started to cycle across my homeland and almost at the border between Mexico and Central America things changed and my Aventura Ciclistica por América Latina had to wait. December 2012 and here I go … my trip starts, I am reaching 50 decades of inhabiting this body, feels great to be alive and full of dreams and endless hope. The Future is Bright!!!. For 4 days I will be visiting the Tango’s birthplace: Buenos Aires. Sui Generis and their Confesiones de Invierno sound so fresh in my ears…. With the microbus I will head towards Patagonia, I might make a stop in Puerto Madryn and visit Bahia de Valdes and watch the whales, then catch a bus and reach Rio Gallegos. Once I am there  I will start riding my bike towards Ushuaia. So the new Cycle awaits for me on the road. The Pachakuti is all over this magnificent Blue Planet. Follow us through the digital realm… it might be fun too. Indeed!!!!

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