Cyclists on the road

This a short collection of Cyclists’ names, photos and links to their blogs or websites. Among tens of them I have met since I cycled to Ushuaia and from there up to the North, I present those deeper solid encounters that despite their brief duration remain for good in my heart. Every head is a universe but in this cycling trip sometimes exhausting, others envigorating, devastating, breathtaking, frustrating, others fascinating and reearfing…. Or whatsoevet it dimply remains glued by one cosmic word: a Dream, an Intention!!! May the divine mighty Universe creator of All what Is, Was and Will Be bless them all those sweet Sisters and Brothers coming from the 4 corners of this mighty Mother Earth Gaia-Tonantzin-Pachamamita!!!

Ana y Andre from Florianapolis, Brazil

Sarah and Geoff a British sweet couple I met on a tough day for me on the Carretera austral.
Their blog

Jenifer and Remi from Paris, France

Dominique et Loic du France
Their blog

Jorge Bicibir

Adrian Tiesserant
His blog

Cindy et Jerome mes freres belges wallons
Their site

Dearest sister and brother from Phily
Lili and Chris
Their blog

Christopher Geach from the US
His blog

Dear sister and brother mate Mel and Chris from the lands of Kiwis and Kangaroes
Their website

Pauline and Alexis

Austin Render
His blog

Aurelie from Montpellier, she is travelling from Ushuaia until Lima with Raphael also from France. I met the at Casa de Ciclistas La Paz
her Blog

Stephanie Vincent from Quebec, Canada. She is travelling from Vancouver until Ushuaia. Her blog

Takuya Shuto bicycle-globetrotter from Japan. His goal 100 countries in 100,000 km. His dream to own the cheap lodging to welcome travelles from all over the world.
His website/blog

Ronia (2 years old), Lea and Gregor a German family cycling from Alaska to Ushuaia. Their Blog

Infinite Gratitude, Love, Peace and endless Joy!!!



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