This is a paradise land where the Neo-liberalist forces (so called TPTB… hahaha) made their best to crash the teluric energy years ago… in vain these materialistic efforts though. Not even building the Canal… cutting the energetic veins of our Mother Earth in the Abya Yala region…

Nevertheless, thanks to so many factors… lamas’ sacred chants in Tenochtitlan and more,and now under the waters of the sacred Titikaka lake the Serpent of Light is well anchored .

Yes, yes I know, dear people, it might be hard or impossible for some or many of you to grasp or even start understanding what my humble cycling trip is intended for… or even what I mean here… Never mind, is not important at all. Enjoy the photos once I reach the beautiful Panama’s roads and beaches. Cocos falling on my road, awita de coco!!!!

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